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3 Things You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer I Houston Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is truly one of the hardest decisions of wedding planning. I hope that these 3 things you should ask your wedding photographer will help you make your decision.  Your flowers will wilt, your food will be eaten, and your dress boxed up. The one thing you will have to remember it all is your pictures. It is super important to know exactly what you will be getting out our your wedding photography experience.

  1. Take me through an entire wedding day with you. This one may seen a little crazy, but lets face it, you will spend your entire wedding day with your photographer and you should know what they do through you day. What do they do when the first arrive? When will they photograph you with your bridesmaids? Will they help you with a timeline for all of these important pictures? During the reception do they follow you around the entire time? *they should* Asking this one simple question will help open your eyes and show you what your photographer is truly like. You should also be able to tell if they are more of a “fly on the wall” on your wedding day or if they are really involved in your wedding day and help through the day to help create beautiful images. One of the biggest comments I get from bridesmaids and groomsmen at weddings is that they are relieved that I actually pose them and tell them how to stand during pictures. I have even been told in the past from a bridesmaid that in other wedding she had been in the photographer told them to pose themselves and they even had to pull up pinterest pictures to tell figure out how to stand. Things like this make me truly sad, because that bride probably had no idea that would happen when she booked her photographer. Big Sky Barn Wedding Photography Montgomery
  2. Can I see a full wedding gallery? This one is something that helped me a TON when I was selecting a photographer for my own wedding. Looking through this gallery you should be able to tell if what the photographer walked you through as an entire wedding day is truly accurate. Do they capture every single little moment. Do they deliver 10 images an hour or do they deliver 50? Are they going to give you consistent images that all fit together well? Are all of the images edited in a consistent manner? Are all of their pictures as amazing as the ones on their blog? It can be very easy to pull out 10 of the best images from a wedding or gorgeous images of flowers or centerpieces…but do they really capture all of the action on a wedding day in a beautiful way? Do they take multiple pictures of your bridal party, the traditional and the fun? At the reception do the capture guests dancing, and lots of fun images or do they just photograph the big moments like the cake cutting, toasts, etc.? Are there pictures of the bride and groom greeting their guests or with random guests? These last two questions will really help you see if you photographer is on their toes at the reception and capturing every moment or if they are only concerned with the images that will go in your album. I photograph all of the crazy dancing, hugging guests, and even pictures of my couples and their guests as they walk from table to table if they would like a picture…I have to admit they probably aren’t something you will put into your album on on your wall, but those pictures are still part of your wedding day memories so they are incredibly important to me. I always offer to show brides a full wedding gallery when I meet with them in person prior to booking. I want them to be able to look through a wedding, and really see that every single image that I deliver is as fabulous as the images posted on my website. I have this philosophy that a bride should never have to ask for a picture on her wedding day, because I am always already there capturing it. I always say “just turn around and smile if you want a picture with a guest, and I will get it.” Reville Aggie Wedding Big Sky Barn Montgomery,TX Photography
  3. Make sure your photographer is comfortable and can produce images in any quality of light. There is a HUGE trend for bright, airy, natural light images in weddings. I adore this type of style and 90% of my images are like this, except for my reception images. However, on your wedding day you want to make sure that your photographer can handle any situation that is thrown at them. Can they create a beautiful night time portrait if for some reason your wedding starts late and you are forced to take portraits after dark? Can they shoot beautiful images indoors? What if their is a gorgeous sunset? I was so excited at this gorgeous Big Sky Barn wedding when Cat & Daniel agreed to go take images outdoors after dark. to capture the gorgeous lights and gazebo. Kelly Kennedy Events Photography Vendor List HoustonAt their Lake Conroe engagement session there was a beautiful sunset, and thank goodness I was prepared to create a beautiful sunset portrait. On my wedding day we had a gorgeous sunset, and our photographer was not able to capture the gorgeous sunset which makes me so sad to think about. I still can see that sunset in my head but I will never ever be able to get that back.  Sunset Lake Conroe Engagement Session WeddingHopefully these three little questions will help you out in your search for a wedding photographer. I want each and every bride to find the perfect photographer for them and realize the type of things they really need to ask about and pay attention too.

I would love for you to tell me in the comments some of the things you wish you would have asked your wedding photographer! Or even some of the questions you are glad that you asked.

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