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Ashelynn Manor Wedding | Magnolia,TX Wedding Photography

Shannon & Didier’s Ashelynn Manor Wedding in Magnolia TX was nothing short of magical. Each and every little part of their wedding as filled with details that reflected their personalities and radiated with their love. This wedding was infused with so many elements of the these two’s personalities from books to maracas. I love how Shannon incorporated her love of books into the wedding and at the same time she even found ways to include her soon to be husband’s culture. My favorite thing was the maracas that they handed out to guests before their exit that were made with the help of Shannon’s students.

Ashelynn Manor Weddings are always my favorite. I talk to brides so often that are looking at venues but haven’t yet committed and I always tell them that I love everything about Ashelynn Manor. Each and every wedding runs like a well oiled machine and I know that every Ashelynn Manor wedding is stress free for everyone involved. The ladies that run the venue have been there since the very beginning and they put together hundreds of weddings each year. If you are looking for the perfect all inclusive wedding venue in the Houston area you will want to head over to Ashelynn Manor. I promise you that your wedding day will be flawless from the planning stages to your wedding day coordinator, food, and DJ’s. They also have a fabulous on site hair and makeup artist, Exquisite Reflections. Make sure you stop by and visit Tessie, Colleen, Jackie, and Katie and tell them I sent you. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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